Glenn Hughes, best known for once being the bassist and vocalist of Deep Purple revealed his opinions about the contemporary music industry in an interview with Wikimetal. He stated how the industry might now be problematic because of the Internet.

Hughes mainly talked about how music is now made solely for money. According to him, before the age of technology, musicians had to grow and develop themselves to be rich and successful. He highly disapproved of the fact that music is now ‘corporate’ and money is being given to unworthy music.

Here is what he fully said about the current music industry:

“Back in the days, before the Internet, you didn’t get to connect with anyone. It was run by record executives; some of them didn’t have a clue what they were doing. Most record executives don’t understand music at all; it’s all business. And that’s the problem I’ve got with a lot of music today – it’s all about business and it’s all about money, throwing money into something that maybe isn’t fantastic. It’s all corporate. No one’s getting developed – no young artists are getting developed like they used to do 30 years ago. That’s the problem I’ve got.”

He connected the problems he mentioned about the current music industry to the growing technologies, especially the internet. However, Hughes was aware that it is not fair to blame things only in scientific developments. He even mentioned that musicians need to adapt to the changes to reserve a place in the future.

His opinions on the internet were as follows:

“But on the other side, if we don’t embrace the now, if we don’t embrace the change, those people that don’t embrace will get left behind. So I’ve embraced the Internet. I have a social network team and we embrace it. I connect with a lot of people on the Internet. I enjoy the back-and-forth. But music is my life. Nothing comes before the music. So I’m always about making new music to give and to perform to new music fans – and old music fans.”

Being in the industry for more than half a decade, Hughes summed up most of what is going on and the problems appearing in the music industry. However, among all the problems the internet might have caused, he proves that he is sincere about having to adapt to those changes. Hughes has 1,286 posts and over 85 thousand followers on Instagram which shows that he truly is active on social media.

You can watch the full interview with Wikimetal below.