The former bassist and singer of Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes has shared an emotional and sincere statement about 22 years of alcohol-free via his verified and official Twitter account.

Today, Glenn Hughes is celebrating the 22nd anniversary of quitting alcohol. He wrote a sincere message and shared the details of this 22-year process. Also, he thanked his wife Gabrielle Hughes and other people who helped him.

Here’s what he wrote:

“It was 22 years ago today, that I changed my lifestyle. My sobriety and clean living, has given me a life of gratitude, acceptance and inner peace much love to all my friends, and all who walk the path with me.

Beyond grateful to share my life with my wife Gabrielle Hughes.”

A fan named Montsi commented:

“I am very proud of you Glenn! You know I admire you a lot as a musician, you are a virtuous bassist with a soulful voice.

But I also admire you for the strength you had to get out of that hell, for this reason, it’s a blessing that you are here with us Much love to you & Gabi.”

Another fan named Andrew Dee said that:

“Congratulations Glenn a lot of your #rocknroll brothers sadly didn’t make it but you’ve come out of the other side & seeing.

You on the brilliant “Purple tour” it was well worth all your efforts.”

You can see the tweet right below.