In a recent interview with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station, The Dead Daisies frontman Glenn Hughes talked about the continuation of the summer 2022 European tour after his sudden break due to Covid-19.

While many of the restrictions and measures in most countries are less strict, the pandemic is still a part of our daily lives. Most bands had to face the fact that any of their band or crew members had the risk of getting infected and had to miss the shows. In The Dead Daisies case, Glenn Hughes was the last member to catch the virus and couldn’t finish their summer 2022 European tour.

After The Dead Daisies announced that singer and bassist Glenn Hughes tested positive for Covid-19, it became clear that he needed to recover and take a break from the remaining concert dates. Yogi Lonich replaced Hughes, and Animal Drive’s Dino Jelusick provided vocals temporarily.

Glenn Hughes stated that he was the last person in the band to get infected by the virus. His case was fierce so continuing with the tour wasn’t an option. Although he wasn’t able to attend, he was glad the band was able to continue with the summer 2022 European tour.

Glenn Hughes’s words about the rest of The Dead Daisies continuing with the tour:

I was the last guy in the band to get it, so when I got it, I thought, ‘Well, how many more are gonna get it?’ I had a pretty bad case of it, so there’s no way I could have continued. So I’m glad the guys had a chance to continue. Jelusick and Lonich did really well, came in under no notice at all, and did a remarkable job. I’m really for everyone that they could continue and fulfill the commitment.”
You can watch the interview below.