Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton spoke in an interview with Tim “Hitman” Hartt of 105.7 WAPL and revealed how he Reacted when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. He said:

“It’s a weird thing, because I knew something was wrong, but you don’t like to admit it to yourself, and maybe delayed getting it diagnosed.

And I was sort of shocked when I was eventually diagnosed and they told me that I’ve had it for over 10 years. And it answered a lot of questions, you know, for me. But… life goes on. There’s a lot of people who are suffering, and you’ve just gotta get on with life and do your best.

Some days you have good days, some days you have bad days, and I suppose the older you get, you get more and more bad days. But it’s great to have a goal in life, and my goal in life is to tread water, not sink — swim and just beat it in any way I can.

So it’s good to have that ambition in life, that goal, something to aim for. And that’s how I’m approaching it.”

You can listen the entire interview from below.