Godsmack singer Sully Erna spoke in a recent interview with Jave Patterson from Rock 104.5 radio, and revealed the biggest problem that they’re always struggling with.

Sully paid attention to genre of Godsmack, and said that ‘our biggest struggle over the years was we got lumped into that ‘nu metal’ category when we got signed, because the Korn’s and the Lipm Bizkit’s and all them were kind of blowing up’.

He continued:

“And we were never that, though. The first record is so many different influences, ’cause everyone was listening to different things — from Nine Inch Nails to Alice In Chains to whatever. But we were just kind of a hard rock band — we never considered ourselves metal. And we rode the line at times. But we were never a metal band.

To me, metal bands deserve the props for the Slipknot’s and the Slayer’s and whoever is truly metal,” he continued. “And so we always struggled with that identity of trying to get people to understand that we’re not really a metal band — we’re a hard rock band.

And so I think even as time has passed, we’ve tried to surround ourselves with more hard rock bands, so the genre feels more correct for us too — and not be out there with bands that we shouldn’t be out there with, [like] Lamb of God and whatever it is. Not anything against them — they’re all great bands for what they do — but we’re not that.”

You can watch the entire interview below. Click here for the source of the statement via Blabbermouth.