During the recent interview with “Rock Show With Daniel P. Carter”, Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier revealed the story about his first hearing Slayer.

He said that Slayer’s music was too fast and too evil… Here’s the statement:

“I remember the first time I heard Slayer, it was too much for me — it was too fast, too evil… it was too everything; it was too much. And I was very intrigued by it. I’m, like, ‘Why is it too much?’ It’s so evil — the notes, the tones, the playing, the drums, the solos, the vocals. There’s something hard to explain about Slayerthat makes it so evil.

So I came back to Slayer years later. When I was 18, 19, I was, like, ‘Yeah!’ My teenage years, being into Metallica, I was then into death metal. And then I was ready for Slayer— to go back and listen to Slayer. ‘South Of Heaven’ was a big thing for me.”

What’s your opinion about Joe’s statement?

Latest album of Gojira, “Magma” was released on 17 June 2016 through Roadrunner Records. The album was nominated for Best Rock Album and the single “Silvera” was nominated for Best Metal Performance at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

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