French-American rhythm guitarist of Gojira who is also known as the former bassist of Cavalera Conspiracy, Joe Duplantier, was the Cover Story guest of Kerrang!’ and talked about the title of their upcoming album named ‘Fortitude’ as well as what fans can expect from their new metal masterpiece.

This week, Gojira has made an official statement on their website and announced their upcoming album. ‘Fortitude’ was recorded and produced by Joe Duplantier himself at Silver Cord Studio and mixed by the iconic producer who has worked with Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine before, Andy Wallace.

According to the official announcement, Fortitude is a collection of songs that warns humanity to imagine a new world. The album is now available for pre-order as LP for $20.99, CD for $14.99, and LP+ for $20.99 via Rough Trade and will be released on April, 30.

In his latest interview with Kerrang!, Joe talked about the title of the album and why they have decided to name it that way. According to Joe, whether they feel miserable most of the time, they are still trying to find the best combination of riffs and great lyrics and the album was some kind of window to open.

Joe Duplantier said that:

“Ninety-five per cent of the time, you feel miserable. You’re trying to write the best song of all time, and it never happens. We’re facing our demons. We’re facing our ego. We’re facing our disappointments and self-disappointments.

That period in life where you choose to make an album is a window where you have to give your very best. A lot of the time it’s painful, but when you find that right combination of riffs or those good lyrics, it can be so rewarding.”

Here is what he said about his pessimistic side:

“A few years ago, I began to become pessimistic about the future of humanity. Even though there is an awakening and many people are trying to better themselves, I feel like we’re going backward.

When you see the (now-former) American president on TV saying, ​‘I don’t know if global warming is real!’ or I hear from my friend who teaches in high school that some of his students aren’t quite sure whether Hitler was a character in a movie or someone who really existed, it can feel incredibly discouraging. I’m a little bit drained, a little bit worn out.”

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