Gojira singer and guitarist Joe Duplantier was recently interviewed by 90.3 WMSC FM this week and talked about the band’s upcoming album named ‘Fortitude’ which will be released on April 30th via Roadrunner Records as well his mom’s history with cancer.

As you may already follow the French heavy metal band Gojira, they are about the release their new album named ‘Fortitude’, and the production of the album began in early 2018. While the release date was scheduled for 2020, Gojira had to postpone the release date due to a coronavirus outbreak and some of the health problems of the members. The album will feature eleven new songs and will be released tomorrow.

While he talks about his mother’s tough days with her illness, Joe also spoke about how the band gears up to write each record and the vision he had for this release. Joe also discussed the importance of protecting the Amazon rainforest and how Gojira is doing its part to help the cause.

Here is what he said about the Gojira album that was hardest to write:

“Well, I would say [2016’s]’ Magma’ probably, for personal reasons. My mom was dying of cancer, it was a process, it was long, it was a full year, which is at the same time very short when you’re losing someone.

The day she told me, ‘Hey, you know, they found a little something, it looks like I have cancer…’ We were in the middle of writing, ready to start recording, and then this whole year was really, really painful.

When you’re about to sing something and your mom is in the hospital, it’s a bit hard, it’s challenging. ‘It’s a bit hard’ is an understatement – it was really tough. So for that, definitely ‘Magma,’ yeah, it was a hard time.”

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