Gojira singer and guitarist Joe Duplantier made an interview with The MetalSucks podcast and talked about the issues he had during the pandemic.

In the podcast, Duplantier talked about the band’s recent album ‘Fortitude’ and the recent single ‘Into the Storm.’ Fortitude is Gojira’s seventh studio album which will be released on April 30, 2021. Duplantier revealed the messages and meanings of the band’s new single “Into the Storm.” The song reflects how individuals can inspire each other to change things that made them feel powerless. People should be part of the solution and they enough power to do in a world full of changes and challenges.

The most recent challenge and change in our lives is the global pandemic. It affected almost every system that humanity has built so far especially Health and Economy. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many people have lost their jobs or could not work for more than a year. Occasions such as concerts in which crowded groups can gather and socialize have been either canceled or restricted during the pandemic. These restrictions have challenged almost all musicians from all around the world. They have dealt with financial problems and tried to survive under these hard conditions.

During the podcast, Joe Duplantier drew attention to the problems that they have been through for more than a year. Their shows and concerts were canceled one by one due to a coronavirus outbreak and it caused a lot of financial problems. According to him, bands and musicians have to adapt to the new situation finding innovative ideas to reach audiences and fans to be able to fight against the challenges.

Here’s what he said:

“I am being patient because I have things here in my life that are super precious. I have two kids, and I’m ecstatic to be able to see them the whole summer. Something for me that is very precious, the only thing that could stop me from going on tour would be something like a global pandemic, for example, that would stop me from going on tour. [Laughs]

But you know, so that happened while my kids are still at home and little, it’s incredible for me to be able to be there the whole summer for the first time in their lives, that’s very precious, so that was the positive side.

Of course, after a few months it started to itch, not being able to release our album, see all these shows canceled, touring is also how we survive, how we make a living, so it’s financially a little difficult these days, and we have to be smart and adapt, but we’ll see.”

He continued:

“There’s this Deftones tour, opening for Deftones, we love Deftones so much, we’re really excited to see that happen. It’s been canceled last year, again it’s on the table for August 12th, six weeks or seven weeks in North America.

It looks like there’s a 50-50 percent chance for this to happen, which is huge in this day and age, it looks like it’s not impossible that it’s going to happen, fingers crossed.”

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