Gojira frontman Joseph Duplantier recently spoke to the Associated Press on the red carpet of the 2022 Grammy Awards about Taylor Hawkins‘ passing and considered the Foo Fighters drummer another victim.

On March 26, Foo Fighters announced Taylor Hawkins’ passing with a statement they posted on Twitter. Considering Hawkins’ death tragic and untimely, the band sent their condolences to Hawkins’ family and children and asked fans to respect their privacy.

Taylor Hawkins was a person who brought his smile and positive energy to every place he went, so his passing left his band members, fellow musicians, family, and fans devastated. At the time of his death, Hawkins was only 50 years old.

On April 3 in Las Vegas, while on the red carpet of the 2022 Grammy Awards, Gojira’s Joseph Duplantier spoke to Associated Press and revealed his thoughts on Hawkins’ death. He stated that this isn’t the first time a fragile soul like Hawkins has been sacrificed for the rock and roll and entertainment industry.

Moreover, Duplantier said there is a price to pay for the sacrifices one makes for fame, and such a death is hard for everybody. According to the musician, Hawkins is simply another victim, and the life of a rock star is not always as easy as it seems.

During the interview, Joseph Duplantier said about Taylor Hawkins’ death the following:

“Yeah, obviously, it affects everybody, the whole music community, and all the fans. It’s not the first time that a beautiful soul, a fragile soul, is sacrificed on the altar of entertainment and rock and roll.

We are all about going out on the road and giving everything for that, but there’s a price to pay. It’s really, really, really hard on the mental and the soul and the families. We leave kids behind. It’s hard on everybody.

I think that he’s simply another victim of this thing. It’s a bit more complicated than people can think. The life of a rock star is not always easy. It’s a lot of nights on buses and being away from home for a long time. So, yes, it touched all of us.”

You can watch the interview below.