Mario Duplantier, one of the most talented drummers of today, told the band about his musical change in an interview with The National Student. The musician’s thoughts are as follows:

The death metal roots, we feel far away from them. We feel that we’ve changed.

Even me, I’m not listening to a lot of extreme music anymore. But I’m still passionate and I love to work my double-bass very fast, it’s like an art for me.It’s more than just ‘I’m a metalhead.’ We feel different today. So, probably, the new sound of Gojira will follow in this way. More diverse but still catchy, and we’ll still explore.

I worked my drums hard this week and I found so many new, interesting drum patterns, so I can imagine with a guitar that it will sound very death metal-ey. They’re some crazy patterns, and I’m already thinking about playing these parts to my brother so he can find a riff for them.

It’s just being original, because we know so many things have been done. So I just try to always find a new trick or a new thing. It’s for myself, the other guys are, like, ‘Whoa, this is too technical!’ I’m the one that loves technical stuff as a drummer. For me, it’s more, like, ‘Yeah, kill the routine and kill the easy stuff.’ Instead of being lazy, just try to push yourself to do something original.”

Gojira was nominated for the 2017 Grammy Awards with a statement announced yesterday. The Shooting Star will compete for the “Best Metal Performance” award.