Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger and singer Lzzy Hale spoke in an interview with Sam Ash, and they has revealed their thoughts about current state of rock music.

Joe Hottinger said that ‘whatever’s happening, I like that rock is not in the mainstream culture right now’, and continued:

“We’ve got our thing, and it’s going well. We’re making a living at it. And I think it’s cool… People are coming out, but it’s not a household thing, so it feels like there’s like a club. And that’s regardless of the genre of rock, within it…

Besides Greta Van Fleet, what band [has broken] through the consciousness of the world recently? Imagine Dragons isn’t a rock band. Sorry, they’re a pop group. Same with Paramore — they’re a pop band.”

Lzzy Hale added:

What we’ve seen in the trenches of what we do is that the difference between rock and pretty much every other genre is that people aren’t going there: ‘Okay, I have nothing better to do on a Saturday.’

There are people that come to these shows that primally need to be there. Like, their life is going to be destroyed unless they can go. And so, to me, I love seeing that, because this is all we wanna do too. We need to be on stage.”

Joe said:

“I think one of the luckiest things that ever happened to us was not getting on the pop charts and doing that scene and just maintaining that rock and roll thing. ‘Cause you go up, but then you come down real fast. That’s gotta be a shitty trip.”

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