Grand Funk Railroad co-founder and classic singer of the band, Mark Farner, was the latest interview guest of Rock History Music’s John Beaudin this week and shared his honest thoughts on Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and whether he or Grand Funk care about being in it.

The iconic American singer Mark Farner was born in 1948 and after Grand Funk disbanded back in 1976, he started his solo career by releasing his debut album named ‘No Frills.’ He released his latest ever solo album named ‘For The People’ 15 years ago and the band’s last album ‘Bosnia’ was released in 1996.

In his latest ever interview, Mark was asked while it’s only a matter of time and Grand Funk will be nominated to get in Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame and whether being in there means anything for him. He also revealed if he will get back together with Don and Mel.

Here is what he said:

“I would. I’ve been trying to get those guys to get back together for the last 23 years but there’s a bad seed, there’s a bad rub. They say it’s professional jealousy, I don’t know what that means.

I know that we have fans because back when The Beatles were all still sucking air, I wanted them to put the thing aside, bury the hatchet, and for the sake of us fans come out, and do your stuff.

And so I can from my heart realize and know that real Grand Funk fans realize that there’s a tribute band out there that does not include me. All they can ever be is a tribute band, I don’t care how many original members or not.”

Mark continued:

If they don’t have the guy that wrote, in saying, 92% of the music, and I’m not doing that or saying that just to blow my own horn or toot my own horn, I’m saying that for the sake of so many fans who are disappointed by bands that give the name of the band but they don’t give all these new players that are in there.

They don’t give any clue as to whether or not there are new players. I think there should be some kind of star rating system whereby you go to this site and it tells you how many original members, and then the star of those original members – how many are left.

There might be one in that star, there might be two in this… But at least it would give you an honest take on what you really are going to go see tonight.”

You can watch the interview below.

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