Green Day shared a post on their official Twitter page announcing their appearance on iHeartRadio on Fox TV for New Year’s Eve and to have a final performance as 2020 comes to an end which thrilled fans after the whole ‘The Network’ drama.

As many of you might know, Green Day fans have been seeing the explanations all over on Green Day’s social media accounts about the allegations of whether The Network is a side project of Green Day for quite some time now.

The word is, The Network which is a band that has been inactive for years after the release of their debut album ‘Money Money 2020’ back in 2003, has been Green Day the whole time. The rumors escalated after The Network released ‘Money Money 2020 Part II: We Told Ya So!’ this year with a video consisted of their ‘prophecy.’

While both sides have been denying the allegations about each other on their social media accounts, fans are pretty convinced that The Network is Green Day, however, they also are a little sick of seeing nothing but these rumors.

Recently, the official Twitter page of Green Day shared a post and announced that they will be performing on iHeartRadio on Fox TV for a special show in order to celebrate the ending of the catastrophic year, 2020. Fans could not be happier to hear the news of a performance from Green Day, not another The Network drama.

Here is what Green Day said:

“Closing out 2020 this New Year’s Eve with iHeartRadio on FOX TV!”

You can see the Twitter post below.