The official Instagram account of Green Day shared another post related to the issue of ‘The Network’ and they insistently state that The Network and Green Day are two completely different bands, however, fans notice the fact that they cannot stop promoting their work which leads to confusion and disturbance.

As you may recall, The Network has been all over the internet and Green Day fans have a theory which stated that The Network is the secret side project of Green Day. Since the beginning of the allegations, both sides denied the accusations and stated that they have nothing to do with each other.

However, Green Day had actions to confuse their fans whether they are lying or telling the truth since frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was the one to deny The Network very strictly even cursing them on his official social media accounts, his official Instagram account has recently changed and his name is now ‘Mongo Fink,’ the member of The Network.

While fans are still divided into those who believe in Green Day, and those who are tired of seeing the posts on their social media accounts since they are not true, one thing’s for sure, every fan is now disturbed by the non-stop drama.

Green Day recently shared a post on Instagram and stated that they have another evidence to prove that they are not The Network. However, their so-called proof was video clips including The Network songs which seemed like they are once again promoting The Network rather than clarifying the matter.

Here is what Green Day said:

“After yesterday’s post, it seems like many of you still aren’t convinced we’re not The Network. Hopefully, these clips help us settle it once and for all.”

They were comparing Green Day songs to The Network songs, yet fans poured comments under the post stating that they still want to know for sure if The Network is Green Day since the incident goes back nearly two decades ago and now resurface, making it a tedious occurrence.

Here is what a fan said:

“it’s getting annoying just tell us that you’re the network and let us move on with our day.”

Here is what another fan said related to the promoting:

Why would you promote something that’s not yours?”

Another unconvinced fan said:

“I still don’t believe you.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.