Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong recently changed his official Instagram name to ‘Mongo Fink,’ The Network’s lead singer of the alleged secret sideband of Green Day, and fans are way more confused than ever with this latest development.

As you may remember, there have been on-going rumors about the band The Network, and both fans and media have allegations implying that they are the secret project of Green Day. It all started when The Network’s debut album ‘Money Money 2020’ was released by Green Day Billie Joe Armstrong’s record label Adeline Records.

Two decades later, The Network released their second album which ignited the rumors back again. Green Day frontman and The Network both denied the allegations via their social media accounts, yet Armstrong’s latest action on his official Instagram page may prove the fans otherwise.

As you might recall, all posts on Billie Joe Armstrong’s official Instagram account have been deleted, instead, several posts about The Network have been shared. Thus the fans were not sure if the incident happened by Armstrong himself, or his account has been hacked.

While many believe that The Network is Green Day and it’s all just promotion, fans have many indications to prove them right. In addition to the new posts, Billie Joe Armstrong also changed his Instagram name to ‘Mongo Fink,’ the frontman of The Network which made fans even more disoriented than ever.

You can click here to see Billie Joe Armstrong’s official Instagram page.