The legendary musician and frontman of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, has shared a bizarre but funny video in which he was playing pencil fighting with his bandmate, Mike Dirnt, via his verified and official Instagram account.

Sometimes, Billie Joe Armstrong shares interesting photos and videos via his social media accounts. Today, he added another strange video of himself with Mike Dirnt on his Instagram page.

In the video, the couple was trying interesting things with pencils, Mike was trying to broke the pencil of Billie and he did this. Also, Billie has captioned a sincere message with the video.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Mike Dirnt the pencil fighting champ.”

A user named Green Day Long View asked:

“Why am I watching this instead of doing my homework.”

Another user named Brigen Ske commented:

“Ah yes. A visual representation of my heart shattering when I watched the second video in your last post and heard “in California”

You can watch the funny video of them right below.

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Mike Dirnt the pencil fighting champ

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