Green Day drummer Tre’ Cool posted series of new photos on his official Instagram page and revealed the suffering he had after the unexpected death of the legendary music photographer, Murray Bowles.

Murray Bowles documented the rise of several legendary bands and musicians in their early years, including Green Day, Operation Ivy, Crucifix and Fang and many more.

In the letter, Tre’ Cool penned some heartwrenching words to his close friend and the photographer of the Green Day.

Here’s the statement:

“We are all going to miss you, Murray Bowles! Thanks for your vision, tenacity, and generosity all through these last 30+ years! You always were at the best shows and through your camera made them as important and historically relevant as they were to those of us there.

Every time I saw you I got so happy. You were an amazing human and I want to thank you. Rest In Peace old friend.”

An Instagram user named altlwsn commented:

“Awesome pictures!!”

Another fan named heckhere wrote this:

“How good being young.”

See the Instagram post below.