The official Twitter account of the iconic band Green Day and the bassist Mike Dirnt shared a post reacting with astonishment to Warner Records’ latest announcement on its official Twitter page stating that they will be working with The Network, Green Day’s biggest arch-enemy according to Warner Records.

The Network, brought together by an ancient prophecy according to them, is a suspicious band formed in 2003 with members hiding their identities by using accents and wearing masks. The Network only had a debut album titled ‘Money Money 2020’ and while there have been allegations about them such as the band being a secret side project of Green Day, they disappeared after just one album and the rumors pretty much died.

Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman and co-founder of Green Day, denied the involvement of any Green Day members in The Network back when the allegations started by stating that The Network is spreading rumors and using them for fame.

As you may remember, after being inactive for 15 years, The Network released a teaser trailer intitled ‘The Prophecy’ on their official Instagram page and announced that ‘Money Money 2020 Part II’ will be released.

With the video, rumors about The Network and Green Day once again were ignited and the frontman Billie Joe Armstrong shared numerous Instagram stories in order to clarify the fact that Green Day is not The Network.

Recently the official Twitter page of Warner Records shared a post on Twitter and revealed that they are started to work with The Network. While announcing the news, Warner Records referred to The Network as ‘Green Day’s biggest enemy.’ 

Since the statement is harsh and worthy of a reaction, the official Twitter page of Green Day shared a post regards to Warner Records’ tweet.

Here is what Warner Records tweeted:

“We are excited to welcome The Network to our esteemed roster. It’s not every day you have the honor of singing Green Day’s biggest nemesis.

Here is what Green Day shared:


Later on, Mike Dirnt, the bassist, and co-founder of Green Day shared Warner Records’ tweet on his official Instagram stories and called The Network for war.

Here is what Dirnt said:

The Network you want a war… You got one! 27 years on reprise records and this shit happens!!! WTF!”

You can see the Twitter post and Instagram Story below.

Photo Credit: Mike Dirnt – Instagram Stories