The Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong shared two posts on his Instagram stories claiming that pop star The Weeknd is a member of The Network due to his look during his American Music Award performance.

As you may know, the American Music Awards of 2020 recently happened, and successful musician The Weeknd was nominated for 8 awards which he took 3 of them home including Best Soul/R&B Album with ‘After Hours,’ and Favorite Song Soul/R&B with ‘Heartless.’

Other than his musical success, The Weeknd’s appearance during the award show drew the fans’ attention since his ‘beat-up face’ was covered in bandages caused some confusion among the viewers. However, the truth was The Weeknd was trying to warn people against drunk driving and promoting his persona from his album ‘After Hours.’

While his look was highly controversial, another rumor was added to scenarios with Billie Joe Armstrong’s latest Instagram stories implying that The Weeknd is a member of The Network, allegedly the secret side project of The Green Day. Since the members of The Network also wear masks that look like The Weeknd in bandages, their similarity was found uncanny.

Here is what was written in the caption of Armstong’s posts:

The Weeknd is The Network.


You can see the Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Billie Joe Armstrong – Instagram Stories