Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong took his official Instagram account to talk about the meaning of ‘reparations’ and shared some great quotes for his followers.

Billie shared these posts on the stories and explained why reparations are the liberation. Also, he stated that liberations don’t need to come from the guilt, it can grow from the desire.

Here is what Billie Joe Armstrong said:

“Reparations are a practice of liberation. Systems of supremacy make it so that some people are able to hoard material resources. Hoarding material resources provides a false sense of safety for some and a collective loss of care for all.”

Photo Credit: Billie Joe Armstrong – Instagram

He continued:

“Redistributing hoarded resources is not an act of charity. It is an investment to rebuilding a collective relationship. The practice of making reparations does not need to stem from guilt. It can stem from desire. The desire for individual liberation. The desire for familial liberation. The desire for collective liberation.”

Check out the screenshots below.

Photo Credit: Billie Joe Armstrong – Instagram