Green Day’s iconic bass guitarist Mike Dirnt had a new interview with NME and revealed a never-told-before story about Smashing Pumpkins’ headlined, Lollapalooza tour in 1994.

As you will read the statements of the Green Day star below, Mike stated that fans were very upset with them playing shortest sets as an opener.

In case, Green Day was the most popular band of the tour these days and Mike thinks that they did deserve a better place to play.

Here is what he said to NME:

“By then we had sold more records than everyone else on the tour. They were f***ing stupid enough to run us as the opening band and then blame us for rioting and shit.

Come on, dude, really? But you know, we were kids. Of course, we loved it! F*** yeah!”

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Last month, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has shared a new video of his little fan on the official Instagram account, revealing why the rock and roll will never die.

On Friday, Billie jumped to social media to re-post a video, which is shared by a fan named Thurman Juan, to show that the rock n roll wasn’t dead.

If you watch the video, the fan was singing one of the hit songs of Green Day, ‘Basket Case,’ while recording at home. The little fan rocked the social media with his cool yellow guitar.

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