Green Day’s iconic bassist Mike Dirnt was the recent interview guest of Ebaum’s World and revealed the real story of the band’s name. He also stated the never-told-before drug history of the band members, including him.

As you may already know, the rock community claims that Green Day’s name is inspired by marijuana for many years. Mike Dirnt ended these speculations by admitting the truth.

Here is what he told:

“The name comes from the title of a song on our first full-length album about smoking pot in our friend’s room and basically having a stoney psychedelic experience while listening to records.”

Mike Dirnt also cleared the air about their history with the drugs and made never-told-before confessions. He stated that their bonus was an ounce of weed when they recorded their first album on Lookout Records.

Here is the rest of the story:

“What’s really funny is you can tell on some of the second record that we were really, really stoned. In fact, the beginning of the song Green Day on our first album, you can hear us taking a bong hit recorded in the intro of the song.

I use CBD for stress and to help me relax for sleep. I use a balm with CBD and THC in it for joint pains from playing bass for years.

I can be rather high strung and it’s got a real calming effect on me.”

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