Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong unexpectedly deleted all of his posts on his official Instagram page and allegedly revealed that he is ‘Mango Fink’ from The Network, Green Day’s so-called secret sideband which Armstrong has been consistently refuting.

As you may remember, there have been rumors about ‘The Network’ being the secret side project of Green Day after they shared a post on their official Instagram page revealing a teaser trailer entitled ‘The Prophecy’ and announcing that ‘Money Money 2020 Part II’ will be released after being away for nearly two decades.

Billie Joe Armstrong has been furious about the allegations and has been sharing posts on his official Instagram page strictly stating that Green Day has nothing to do with The Network, furthermore, he shared an Instagram story swearing them.

Here is what Armstrong said:

“I don’t know who this is. And we are not The Network.

Fuck these guys.

While most of Green Day fans were convinced that The Network was using Green Day for fame and attention, all the posts on Billie Joe Armstrong’s official Instagram account have recently been deleted and he shared 5 new posts on his account allegedly revealing that he is, indeed, ‘Mango Fink’ from The Network and his bio has changed with a statement praising The Network.

Here is what’s written in his bio:

The Network is the greatest thing to happen to 2020 since 2003.”

Here is what Armstrong said:

Mongo Fink is my name.

Although this incident indicates that members of Green Day, especially Billie Joe Armstrong, were lying about The Network, some fans still commenting on Armstrong’s new posts stating that his account has been hacked by Network and they are promoting their new song ‘Trans AM.’

Here is what a fan commented:

“Oh no did The Network hack your account?”

You can see Billie Joe Armstrong’s post below.