The legendary musician and frontman of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong has shared an emotional post about the death of a long-time friend Murray Bowles on his verified and official Instagram account.

Murray Bowles, the photographer who chronicled the characters, chaos, and energy of the Bay Area’s punk scene for over three decades, died at his home in Sacramento on Sunday. He was just 68 years old.

Today, Billie Joe Armstrong has shared the message which penned down by ‘1-2-3-4 Go! Records’ about the death of Murray Bowles. Also, Billie Joe Armstrong has shared some rare photos of Murray.

Here’s the letter for Murray Bowles:

“After so many years of inspiration from his photos of others, it’s so moving to see others post so many photos of him.

Just like if there was no Lookout Records the bulk of the east bay scene might have gone unnoticed and forgotten, Murray Bowles photography helped etch it into history and the hearts of countless others who weren’t there to experience it first hand.

His massive body of work and impact it had on myself and so many others is just staggering. RIP Murray and thank you.”

A fan named x.laur.xo said:

“Heartbreaking, RIP💔 sorry got your loss, Billie 🥺.”

Another fan named jaquexgd commented:

“Rest in peace Murray! ❤️”

You can see the photos which shared Billie right below.

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