The talented frontman of Greenday, Billie Joe Armstrong, was recently interviewed by Patrick Ryan of USA Today and talked about lots of things from the band’s new album to the bold F-bombs during your NHL All-Star performance.

As you might all remember, Greenday was a trending topic on Twitter after Billie Joe dropped a bunch of F-word on air, two weeks ago.

Green Day star admitted that he used f-words onstage but this his usual stuff for years. In case, he claimed that the only reason for using these kinds of words is to get the crowd riled up.

Here is what Green Day star said about the topic:

“It’s a trip, the whole thing about trending and all that stuff. It’s the most fleeting (expletive) I’ve ever come across in my life, though. You’re trending No. 1 and you’re like, “Oh, cool!”

And then literally a half-hour later, it’s some kid that threw a basketball across a court. I mean, it’s very Andy Warhol. But I’m very grateful that Green Day has been around for 32 years and we can still enjoy 15 seconds of fame.”

USA Today asked this:

“Were you just trying to keep the censors on their toes? Get the audience hyped up?”

Billie Joe Armstrong responded:

“I was just doing my gig, man. That’s what I do: I yell and throw out F-bombs all the time. That’s just the way I talk and also the way I sing. So we were playing, like, “Oh, this is a (expletive) hockey crowd.” It’s a bunch of hooligans, as far as I’m concerned.

We were just trying to get the crowd riled up and have a good time, and the next thing you know, Twitter’s just talking about my foul mouth. And I thought, “What’d you expect? You got a punk-rock band to play your gig. That’s what’s going to happen.”

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