The legendary musician and frontman of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, has shared a really rare photo belong to the first days of their band via his official and verified Instagram page.

Billie Joe Armstrong was revealing the old days of ‘Green Day’ thanks to this Instagram post. In the photo, they were playing Eggplant’s backyard in 1988 or 1989. Also, he has turned to past days of the band and told what they lived in those days once again.

This photo has reached more than 60k likes in a few hours and his followers have written many comments about this picture.

Here’s what he captioned with this photo:

“Us playing in Eggplant’s backyard in 1988-89. #pinole he always had the best party’s.. this might be operation ivy’s second to the last show.

The next night was at Gilman. Op ivy the lookouts GD AND surrogate brains.”

A fan named Mary Trie commented:

“Wow Tre looks much different now 😂”

Another fan named Tati Sol asked a question:

“Why’d you guys quit the long hair?”

You can see the rare photo of them right below.