The well-known and iconic frontman of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong posted a recent Instagram video on his official account and revealed that he’s obsessed with the poison in them.

As you will read the caption below, Billie Joe shared the iconic Green Day song, ‘Father of All…’s lyrics.

Here is what he wrote:

“I woke up to a message of love choking up from the smoke from above. I’m obsessed with the poison in us. What a mess cause there’s no one to trust.

Ah come on honey/ ah count your money / ah what’s so funny? There’s a riot living inside of us I got paranoia baby/ and it’s so hysterical/ cracking up under the pressure/ looking for a miracle. I’m impressed by the presence of none/ I’m possessed by the heat of the sun/ hurry up cause I’m making a fuss/ fingers up cause there’s no one to trust 🖕🏽”

You can watch the video below.