Green Day’s iconic frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong reposted a recent video of one of the most famous Green Day fan pages on Instagram, ‘Green Day Stuff.’

As you might check out the video of the Green Day Stuff below, Billie Joe Armstrong called his long-time bandmate, ‘Tre Cool’ as the most dangerous drummer in the world right now.

Here is the caption of the video below:

“Worlds most dangerous drummer 🔥 🚨”

A user named killeroarz wrote this:

“I’ve seen this on a Green Day video on YouTube. It was cool and it’s even cooler to see on your Instagram.”

Another user, luc4spo wrote this:

“I remember this! I was 20! I watched on HBO, no internet, that shit didn’t exist!

But I was there with you, enjoyed that…even more if you live in a third world country like Colombia! 🇨🇴My VHS tape still has that concert!”

You can watch the video right below.

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Worlds most dangerous drummer 🔥 🚨

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