Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has shared a new video of his little fan on the official Instagram account, revealing why the rock and roll will never die.

On Friday, Billie jumped to social media to re-post a video, which is shared by a fan named Thurman Juan, to show that the rock n roll wasn’t dead.

If you watch the video, the fan was singing one of the hit songs of Green Day, ‘Basket Case,’ while recording at home. The little fan rocked the social media with his cool yellow guitar.

Here’s what Billie Joe Armstrong said:

“This kid rocks! Rock n roll forever and ever and ever! Thanks @rnrrelics !!”

An Instagram fan named willknox04 wrote this:

“You’re gonna go faaaaar, kiiiiid”

Another fan named idiot_amanda left this:

“I just got my first guitar today! I hope one day, after a lot of practice, that’ll be me and I can learn to be that good! Rock on!! 🤘🤘🎸🎶🦄”

Watch the Instagram video below.