The iconic co-founder and fronting member of legendary rock band Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, has posted yet another Instagram Stories message for his followers and backed up his claims about not believing Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis once again.

You may remember that the Green Day icon has posted a bunch of other photos on his official Instagram Stories yesterday and called Donald Trump’s tweets that he tested positive for coronavirus as bullshit.

According to Billie Joe, it was just an excuse to get out of the debates he’s about to make with Joe Biden. Today, he posted yet another message on his Instagram account and reclaimed that he still does not believe Donald Trump’s statements.

Here is what he wrote:

“Trump is a liar and a conman. Why should we start to believe him now?”

You can check out his Instagram Stories photo below.

And here is the earlier statements of Billie Joe Armstrong:

“I don’t believe Hope Hicks has COVID. Trump campaign is trying to distract the public from his support for proud boys and his tax returns. Just saying.

All I gotta say is prove it. Bullshit. You’re a fucking liar. He’s going to try to delay the election over this. I do not trust this president at all!

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