Green Day‘s iconic bass guitarist Mike Dirnt posted a short statement on Instagram saying his fans wouldn’t be exposed to any political discourse on his page since he didn’t want to ruin anyone’s day.

Since the beginning of 2020, the world faced many challenges varying from a pandemic and political and economic crisis after that. Particularly, during the lockdown days due to the coronavirus pandemic, many musicians had to focus on other subjects than music and some of them shared their political opinions on social media platforms.

The co-founder and bassist of Green Day, Mike Dirnt has been among those musicians who publicly express their personal thoughts on political and social matters without hesitation. Dirnt previously shared several posts on his social media accounts to show his support for the Black Lives Matter movement ignited after the death of an African American man, George Floyd.

However, recently on Instagram, Mike shared a surprising statement saying his fans and followers wouldn’t be seeing any political discourse on his account. He implied the reason why he decided not to share anything political was that he didn’t want to upset anyone and urged the ones who would like to talk about politics simply share their opinions somewhere else.

Here’s what Mike Dirnt wrote on his latest post:

“Nothing political to upset your day here folks, move along…”

You can see the photo Mike Dirnt posted on his official Instagram account below.

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