In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Paradise Lost guitarist Greg Mackintosh gave some advice to young people based on his life experiences. He also talked about the band’s musical journey and revealed why they were once compared to Metallica.

Formed in 1988, Paradise Lost is considered among the pioneers of gothic and death-doom metal genres. The band’s sixteenth and latest studio album, ‘Obsidian,’ was released on May 15, 2020. They announced in early 2021 that they will be touring the UK in 2022 to promote their album.

In their career spanning over 30 years, Paradise Lost has embraced diverse music paths in each of their records. After their 1995 album ‘Draconian Times’ surrounded by gothic metal sounds, they decided to focus on more experimental works and released ‘One Second’ in 1997. ‘One Second’ stood out with its electronic-based sounds, and it was highly criticized by some fans.

In his recent interview, Greg Mackintosh reflected on this period and said they wanted to get out of the monotony when they were making that album. People had also started to compare them with Metallica, which created pressure on them. Thus, they chose to step out of that line and push themselves in a new direction in their music career. Mackintosh stated that he sees it as a natural process because they were feeling trapped at the time.

Here are Greg Mackintosh’s words on why they decided to follow a new path:

“We recorded and toured ‘Icon’ and ‘Draconian Times’ with no break, and it just became a bit much and a bit samey. That’s why the change came with ‘One Second’ because we started to feel like we were working on a production line. It was hard to keep the spontaneity.

Then there were headlines like, ‘Is this the new Metallica?,’ which is far too much pressure to be put on anyone – and false. Another headline that had me and Nick on the front, said ‘Hair metal.’ We both had big, bushy hair, and we were like, ‘Christ, this is really not what we got into it for.’ So bringing electronics was kind of a backlash to it all, as well as boredom.

We thought, ‘What can we do to distance ourselves from this?’ It was almost like shooting ourselves in the foot, but we knew what we were doing, we just wanted to do something different. I think that’s a natural thing to do if you feel like you’ve been pushed into a corner.”

It is very common for music bands to follow new paths as it is hard to preserve the same style but still remain unique. They naturally want to experiment, try out different things, and renew themselves at some point, which is also what Paradise Lost wanted to do.