Greta Van Fleet bassist Sam Kiszka spoke in an interview with Vulture, and responded to Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant.

Back in March 2018, Robert Plant talked with Australia’s Network Ten, and said that “They are Led Zeppelin I”.

Watch the Robert Plant’s speech below.

Greta Van Fleet bassist responded:

“For us to have somebody like that put themselves out there and comment on a young band like us? That means they’re taking us seriously. That’s one of the biggest troubles we’ve had going back three or four years.”

He also talked about Led Zeppelin comparisons, and said:

“Oh, yeah, of course. It’s an innate human instinct, to compare and contrast and make things more relatable. That’s something that will always be a human instinct.

I really feel like it’s died down though, over the past three or six months. Which is nice, because I’m getting kind of tired of answering those questions.”

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