Photo Credit: Greta Van Fleet's Official Instagram Page

Greta Van Fleet’s former manager Michael Barbee was the recent guest interview of the Alternative Nation and Barbee revealed the reasons of why Greta Van Fleet took part the ways the original drummer Kyle Hauck and replaced him with Danny Wagner.

Barbee admitted that Kyle’s work ethic was terrible and had real health issues.

Here is what Barbee said:

“He had some health issues and his work ethic as a band member, I’d say was lacking substantially. He’s the kind of guy that wanted to get paid to practice. He’d let us down. I didn’t find out until we were ready to leave for this show at a biker club that he had hurt his ankle, but then someone would tell me, ‘Oh, I saw him walking around at the football game last night.’

I called Danny Wagner, and Danny was in Detroit. By the time I got to the show, Danny and his parents were already waiting on me. Danny was a guitarist, so he was never really a drummer. He would sit in on band practices when Kyle Hauck was the drummer. So, after Danny played that show with the Kiszka boys, they were like ‘Well, let’s go break the news to him.’ We all walked over to Danny and we were like, ‘Welcome to the band.’ And that was it.”

He continued:

“There wasn’t really any fight with Kyle, other than the night he showed up to the one show and said he couldn’t play. I laid into him, I was livid. He was just kind of there. Afterwards, I’m sure he had some things that aren’t too nice to say about all of us. He never said anything directly to us. We all tried to keep it as peaceful as possible. It’s rock and roll, man. I don’t care if your foot’s falling off, you get out there and play. No one gets this shit for free.”

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