Greta Van Fleet was formed in 2012 and they always compare with rock and roll legend Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant said that “they are Led Zeppelin I”, in an interview with Premiere Guitar.

Greta Van Fleet members spoke in an interview with Feep and explained their thoughts on Plant’s statement. Guitarist Jake said:

“I saw that. I think for all of us it’s another of those humbling, honorable moments. When we’re with Elton John or so many others we brush paths with, those individuals are legends we grew up listening to on the radio.

“To have them talk about us is really inspiring. That re-jolts us, and kind of gives us credibility that what we’re doing isn’t being unseen or unrespected. With the Led Zeppelin comparison, we’re humbled with the references and honored by the affiliation.”

Bassist Sam added:

“I really don’t know. [Laughs] Because even with people like Robert Plant, I try to keep other peoples’ opinions out of the way. That’s just a life thing except when you’re doing this it gets exemplified by a trillion.

It’s hard to focus on what the art means anymore when you’re caught up in what people think of you. When you start making music for other people, then you get into a realm where you can turn on the radio and hear that stuff. But to be honest, I would take that as a compliment, because that’s a great, great record.”

Jake spoke again:

“There is a pretty broad range of influences we grew up with. Being a band for this generation, we’re still a product of our environment. I think we’re blatantly making it apparent that these are things that influenced us growing up, and not just Led Zeppelin.

It’s The Beatles and the whole of the British Invasion and American roots music and so many other things. But we’re not shy or abased to say that we were influenced by Led Zeppelin. We’re not trying to hide anything.”

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