Greta Van Fleet bassist Sam Kiszka and drummer Danny Wagner spoke in a recent interview with ‘Loudwire,’ and revealed an unheard story of themself.

The interviewer has asked that question ‘Have you ever been arrested?’ and the couple has given two different answers.

Danny Wagner gave a simple but funny answer:

“I’m clean. [Laughs]”

A surprise came out from Danny Wagner and we learned that he has done some things once upon a time:

“I think we should move to the next question. [Laughs]”

The interviewer has moved to the next question and asked that ‘What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done for fun?’ 

Only Danny Wagner has answered this question and said:

“My biggest fear the ability – or losing the ability to play music or hear music.

It definitely goes off further than that, but getting down to it, that is kind of what makes us who we are, especially at this point in our lives, so it’s like that’s one of the greatest weights.”

You can watch the interview video right below.