Greta Van Fleet guitarist Jake Kiszka was recently interviewed by Orlando Sentinel and revealed that the band played at bars and smaller venues in a much less short span of time than they expected.

Kiszka also noted for the band’s influences from Led Zeppelin and revealed how does it effect him and his bandmates.

Orlando Sentinel:

“Your music has a big sound that feels like it was designed for stadiums. Did you ever feel like you should be playing more intimate venues?

Jake Kiszka:

“We write in that sense because it’s what we like and what we’re trying to achieve, to make that sound big. But we’ve played in bars around our home and that’s something we expected to be doing a lot longer.

But it’s cool to be in the larger venues. From my perspective, there’s nothing more powerful than being at a sound check at a larger venue and strumming a chord and hearing that ring out.”

Orlando Sentinel:

“You have been noted for your influences, from Led Zeppelin to The Who. Does it strike you now that other musicians are now listening to you and wanting to model themselves after you?”

Jake Kiszka:

“We were aware of the fact that we were going to be influential mainly to young musicians. That seems to be the chain or evolution of how music works and will always work.

But yeah, that was another thing that we didn’t expect to hit yet at the stage that we are now.”

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