Photo Credit: Greta Van Fleet's Official Instagram Page

The successful bassist of Greta Van Fleet, Sam Kiszka had a new interview with Heavy Magazine and revealed their favorite bands ever.

Kiszka responded to the question with naming AC/DC, not the band that lots of people criticize them with being a rip-off, Led Zeppelin.

ou can read the conversation right below.

The interviewer:

“Who are some of your favorites? There are so many like you said, AC/DC, who are some of the bands that you grew up listening to from Australia?”

Sam Kiszka responded:

 “Man oh man, I think, I mean really, AC/DC is kind the epitome of the hard chordy rock. Something that I really appreciate that came from Australia is Vance Joy. I’m a fan of his work too, a contemporary artist.”

You can listen to the whole conversation below.

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