Greta Van Fleet was recently interviewed by Billboard and band members Sam Kiszka, Danny Wagner and Josh Kiszka revealed their plans for 2019.

The band members honestly clarified that they want to be more productive till the end of the year.

Bassist Sam Kiszka about their 2019 plans:

“A lot more writing, getting some stuff recorded and start working on the next thing.”

Billboard asked if they will release something new and Danny Wagner answered:

Oh yeah, absolutely. I’ll quit if we do not.”

Josh Kiszka shared their feelings about being successfull and people’s attention:

“We’re so humbled by the fact we have those opportunities that not many other people have.”

Billboard asked that who do the members of Greta Van Fleet look to as examples for how to navigate both scenes comfortably?

Josh Kiszka responded:

“Those are the pinnacle bands that can do that, especially the Eagles. There are other rock bands that have the appeal, like the Foo Fighters. Speaking of Cal Jam, that’s what I was thinking too. They’re always themselves.”

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