In a recent interview with ‘Drum Magazine,’ Greta Van Fleet drummer Danny Wagner talked about the band’s influences, and he discussed the debut album of the band, ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army.’

Also, when asked his top musical influences, Danny Wagner mentioned two of his biggest musical influences, and by naming Led Zeppelin star John Bonham, he indirectly responded to the critics which claim that the band rips off Led Zeppelin.

Here’s what Danny stated:

“With Bonham, it was the way he could distill so many styles and make them sound straightforward. Even when he did something complex, it still felt simple.

As for Ringo, he was just so creative and unique. Maybe it’s because he’s a lefty who played with his kit set up for a right-handed drummer. He came at his fills his own way.

You can really hear me channel both guys on ‘The Cold Wind,’ but I’m also thinking Alex Van Halen. He has such a strong right foot, but his hi-hat playing is just as fierce. It can throw my balance off a bit when I concentrate on both of those elements, so I have to be careful.”

He also talked on the band’s full-length debut album ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army.’ He continued:

“We could have recorded that track in sections, but we really wanted to jam it out in one take.

Live, it changes so much night-to-night, and I was thinking, ‘Okay, how am I going to pack all of these sections in and make it sound aggressive but natural, knowing that this is gonna be forever?’ I had to think, but not overthink.”

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