Greta Van Fleet bassist Sam Kiszka and drummer Danny Wagner spoke in a recent interview with ‘Loudwire,’ and they revealed that an interesting offer by Elton John.

While discussing their first encounter with the big stage, Danny Wagner mentioned Elton John and revealed how he became a great figure for their band.

Danny also said that they were invited by Elton John to perform for the benefit of the AIDS Foundation.

Here’s what Danny Wagner stated:

“Elton [John] is someone that – boy is he a figure – there are so many different approaches to this, but naturally, we grew up with a decent amount of Elton John in our catalog, he was one of the best at what he does, which is to almost personify everything, you know?

Like, the music, the book, the personality, and like, he was also one of those figures that were so different than all the other artists you grow up listening to, he was one that really intrigued me always.”

He continued:

“There are bands like Cream and Queen and Hendrix and you kind of like know what they’re about, but I always had this curiosity of what he was about, and he always kind of, like, drew me in that sense. He had this mystique, but also this extravaganza to him.

And then later in life, we really started digging into his music, like, there’s just so much and right around that same time, it was when we received the call, the invite to perform at his AIDS Foundation benefit, and it was just kind of a really cool moment.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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