During a conversation on Lipps Service, Great Van Fleet bassist and co-founder Sam Kiszka and drummer Danny Wagner talked about the numerous milestones that they experienced in just four-five years, such as opening for Guns N’ Roses and Foo Fighters, and revealed the biggest ‘pinch me’ moment that they had during their career.

Great Van Fleet was formed by twin brothers Josh and Jake Kiszka, their younger brother Sam, and Kyle Hauck back in 2012. However, Hauck left the band in 2013 and was replaced by the brothers’ close friend Danny Wagner. Although the band passionately worked on their music, they released their debut album named ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army‘ six years later, in 2018.

The album was a huge success and became the top-selling album in the United States in its debut week. Towards the end of 2020, the band gave their fans some exciting news considering their upcoming second album. ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate‘ will be released on April 16, 2021, and they have already released three new singles.

During their recent interview, the band members Sam and Danny talked about how everything happened so quickly, especially the milestones they achieved in just a few years. Sam said that the biggest ‘pinch me’ moment for him was when Sir Elton John personally called them. He said that it freaked him out for a few days, and Danny added that it was definitely one of the biggest moments they had.

Here’s what the interviewer said:

“Things happened so quickly for you guys. Any ‘pinch me’ moments? You opened up for the Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, there are so many milestones in these four-five years…”

To which Sam responded by saying:

“One that really shocked us all was Elton John personally calling us. I know that freaked me out for at least a few days.”

Danny chimed in and said:

“Yeah, absolutely.”

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