Greta Van Fleet co-founders Sam Kiszka and Josh M. Kiszka were the latest interview guest of The Zane Lowe Show and talked about their latest song ‘Heat Above’ as well as not being the imitation of Led Zeppelin anymore.

Greta Van Fleet has been founded by Jake Kiszka, Josh M. Kiszka, Kyle Hauck, and Sam Kiszka in Frankenmuth, 2012. While they ended up being a Grammy Awarded band by winning Best Rock Album in 2019, the whole band has been criticized for being a ‘Led Zeppelin Rip-Off’ during their almost 10 years of career.

However, in their latest interview, the band members Sam and Josh have claimed that they can finally say their music that doesn’t sound like Led Zeppelin anymore. In the same interview, Josh did not hesitate to say that Led Zep was a big influence for them when they grow up.

Here is what Sam Kiszka said about the album:

“One word that would not describe this album appropriately would be ‘ambient.’ I think what we did and what we generally try to do is create really dynamic album. And that’s I think what we achieved here.

It really is like a puzzle and each song is a piece, and everything is necessary for that equation. And it was like the themes even tie through and connect between one song to the next.

It really does exist in the same world and connects to the same world of the previous album. But I think it’s evolved form of Greta Van Fleet that’s here and now. And I think it’s how artists seem to try to do.”

Josh Kiszka added this:

“You don’t want to be stagnant, oh never. And I think we’re at that point actually where we can finally say, yeah, Led Zeppelin’s obviously a big influence for us because we are not making music that sounds really anything remotely like that.

What ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’ is is the coming of age of the sound of Greta Van Fleet and how Greta Van Fleet relates to the 21st century.”

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