Press Release: Dewar PR

Powerviolence/hardcore band Terminal Nation have teamed up with Decibel Magazine to stream “Violator/Violated” a new track from their forthcoming EP Absolute Control.

Listen to the track at this location:


Terminal Nation formed in 2014 in Little Rock, Arkansas in order to create hardcore  with a unique sound. The band has to this date released a demo tape via Rare Bear Records in 2014  and the 7” EP “Waste” in 2015. The upcoming record, which also will be released via Deep Six will have more of a metallic influence combining Clevo-style metallic hardcore riffs in the vein of Integrity and Ringworm but still keeping the signature frantic powerviolence/grindcore song structure.


Vocals: Stan Liszewski
Guitar: Tommy Robinson
Guitar: Dalton Rail
Base / Vocals: Chase Turner
Drums: Chase Davis

Track Listing:

(Side A)
1. Assembly Line
2. Numb to the Pain
3. Grave
4. War in the Name
5. Hand That Feeds
6. Pulse of the Dead

(Side B)
7. Violator / Violated
8. Absolute Power, Absolute Control
9. Broken