The legendary Guns N’ Roses frontman and also a silent social media personality, Axl Rose, took to social media after many times and asked a confusing question about the social distancing rules we are facing nowadays.

As Axl Rose changed his profile picture with his lovely dog’s photo, he also sent a new tweet after almost three weeks. He asked if authorities should forbid the treatment of COVID-19 suspected beachgoers.

Here is what he asked:

“Q: If the Sheriffs can choose not to enforce the beach closures, can the hospitals “choose” not to admit any possible Covid-19 suspected beachgoers? Just askin’…”

After asking that controversial questions, lots of fans responded to the tweet and criticized Axl for not postponing their upcoming tour and supporting United States President Donald Trump. 

A Twitter use named Bolio Dave wrote this:

“What happens, my dear Axl Rose is that the asshole of Donald Trump did not take the pandemic seriously from its beginnings nor when he arrived in the United States, greetings from Mexico.”

Another user, Kristin2, shared her opinion:

“I wish things were like this, but in reality, hospitals are overcrowded, and nurses overworked because of these stupid people who don’t respect social isolation, it sucks.”

Check out Axl’s tweet below.