One of the five founding members of Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose’s disrespectful behavior to Steel Panther while they were about making a soundcheck story exposed by a Steen Panther member, Stix Zadinia.

As you will read the statements of Stix, he claimed that they had to cancel their soundcheck because Axl Rose was taking a nap.

Here is what he said to Appetite for Distortion, transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar.

“We opened for GN’R at The Forum, and we weren’t allowed to soundcheck because Axl [Rose] was taking a nap – I’m not kidding. And I say that story not as, like, ‘He’s a dick.’ I think it’s a fucking awesome story.

It’s, like, ‘Guys, can you hold off of soundcheck?’, and we’re, like, ‘Why?’.

We just got the call three days before the show, I don’t know if they didn’t have an opener; it didn’t matter, people were there to see Guns N’ Roses, so we weren’t going to add anything to the bill, it was just a cool opportunity for us. We’re, like, ‘Fuck, when you get a call to open for Guns N’ Roses, you answer it.’

So, we were at The Forum and they’re, like, ‘Guys, we got to hold off on soundcheck … Axl’s taking a nap.’

Apparently, he was within earshot of us and we’re, like, ‘What do you mean? Can he go on a bus?’. They’re, like, ‘Axl’s napping.’

So we started playing football on the floor. We ended up doing the show, and it was a tough show. When you open for a band like Guns N’ Roses, it’s hard to open for them because everyone’s there to see them. They wouldn’t give a fuck if Jesus was on stage, they’d just be, like, ‘Where’s Guns N’ Roses, Jesus?’

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