Yesterday, Guns N’ Roses cutted their Abu Dhabi concert short after Axl Rose’s “severely ill”. They played 17 songs and then they were forced to leave the stage because of Axl’s illness.

Today, Axl Rose has shared a tweet and adressed his current health situation. He said that ‘this flu or whatever is a wild ride!’.

Here’s the statement:

“Wanna thank All the fans, the band n’ everyone for their concern n’ well wishes!🙏🏼 In Johannesburg w/plenty of time to be ready for the show!👍🏼This flu or whatever is a wild ride! Comes in waves. Ur ok till ur not!”

Felt lame explainin’ myself earlier on at the gig but really didn’t know how things would play out n’ we really wanted to do your best for the fans. Was a GREAT crowd, awesome venue, cool stage (w/a gentle breeze in the desert!😎)

Thanks again n’ hope anyone’s not to disappointed n’ we look forward to see everyone again in the UAE!”

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash said:

“Abu Dhabi, you guys were fucking great tonight! Axl was severely ill. But you all were hugely supportive. Thanks for that. We’ll see again next time! Cheers! iiii]; )”

You can reach the tweets from below.