Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing his daughter Grace McKagan‘s solo debut single named ‘Surrender’ with a sneak peek of the song’s video.

Grace McKagan has her own band named ‘The Pink Slips’ which began releasing music in 2013 and put out their first EP titled ‘Say L’Or Venus’ in 2014. The band members consist of McKagan, her boyfriend bassist Blues Williams, and keyboardist Trent Peltz describe themselves as a ‘synth-punk band.’

Recently Grace shared a video on her official Instagram page and announced her debut solo single named ‘Surrender’ which will be out on December 9 and expressed her gratitude to everyone who has encouraged her to start the new chapter in her life.

Here is what Grace said:

“‘SURRENDER’ my first solo debut song, OUT ON DECEMBER 9TH. Been much too excited to share this for much too long. Eternal gratitude to everybody who has encouraged & supported me departing upon my next chapter. looking forward to sharing xxx”

Right after her daughter’s reveal, Duff Mckagan also shared the same video on his official Instagram page and announced to his fans the brand new solo track of Grace. Duff sounded like a proud father since his daughter chose the same path as his father and became a musician.

Here is what Duff McKagan said:

“Grace Mckagan’s solo debut single – SURRENDER – out December 9th!!”

You can see the Instagram posts below.