Guns N’ Roses’ iconic bassist Duff McKagan posted a photo of ‘The Declaration of Independence’ on Instagram and stated that every U.S. citizen should read it to be informed about their own country.

The legendary bass guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, Duff McKagan, has been using his social media accounts to reach out to the fans and shares his thoughts on certain political and social issues in America. Particularly when the protests against racism and police brutality started, Duff showed his reaction via his posts on Instagram and called for peace.

Recently on Instagram, Duff McKagan shared a photo of ‘The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.’ On the caption of his post, Duff stated that considering the recent political issues in America, every citizen should take a look at this book. According to McKagan, this was essential to be informed about our own country since the social media platforms mostly filled with misleading information.

Here’s what Duff McKagan stated on the caption of his recent Instagram post: I am reposting this, as I see, sadly, we are so super politically charged. My intent was to encourage people to read The Constitution. Facebook and social media is a fine place for ‘some’ information (usually just good jokes if you are me), but primary sources are key.

As an American, and especially now with all the yellin’ and hollerin’… Kick back and inform yourself, maybe. Another book suggestion in this vein would be ‘Hamilton’ and/or The Federalist papers. Peace out everyone.

You can see the post that Duff McKagan shared on his official Instagram account below.